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Ober-D'Rainbow KRT Renae - DOB: 5/06/2002 - 2/13/2013

Expiramental LaMancha/Oberhasli

Sire: *B Tempo Kurt

   SS: ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man

   SD: GCH Tempo Katya 6*M

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow HDRK Pageant

   DS: ++*B Seneca Valley's Hedrick

   DD: King's-Magic TS Easter Parade 4*M


This girl started it all for Goldenwood Farm, she was the herd queen for her entire life and my right hand gal.  She was a one of a kind goat, one of those goats you never forget.  She was one of the founding does to Goldenwood Farm and I miss my best girl still to this day, 9 years was to short of time and my heart still breaks at the thought of her not being here.  We believe she had a very aggressive form of cancer and I did the best thing I could do, I let my girl go.  RIP my sweet, sweet girl, thank you for all you taught me and the beautiful legacy you left behind.  Brandy (Renae's herd name) lives on through her daughter, granddaughters and great granddaughter in the herd.

*B Fir Meadow Val Abraham - DOB: 3/07/2010

Purebred LaMancha

Sire: +*B SGCH Fir Meadow Soon Valiant

   SS: SGCH +*B Windysprings Monsoon

   SD: SGCH Calico Bluffs Tuckers Blondie 3*M

Dam: SGCH Fir Meadow MI Rosine 2*M

   DS: +*B Windstar Mitch

   DD: SGCH Lucky Star's QK Nasturium *M

Abraham was given back to Kat at Fir Meadow in exchange for a new buck.  I loved Abe and what he did in the herd but I was looking for new blood and so he went back to his old home with my friend.

Goldenwood ABE Ginger Rose - DOB: 3/26/2012

American LaMancha

Sire: *B Fir Meadow Val Abraham

   SS: +*B SGCH Fir Meadow Soon Valiant

   SD: SGCH Fir Meadow MI Rosine 2*M

Dam: Goldenwood VRT Twitterpaited

   DS: *B Lucky*Star's QM Vert-Tinos

   DD: Ober-D'Rainbow KRT Renae

Ginny, she was a BEAUTIFUL doe and I retained her daughter in the herd.  She now lives at a local cheesemaker's place among her dairy string.

Goldenwood CDC Penny Lane - DOB: 2/27/2009

American LaMancha

Sire: Goldenwood BTN Cirque De Cule

   SS: *B Tempo Boitano

   SD: Ober-D'Rainbow MSZ Trinkets

Dam: Goldenwood TY Mizz Sadie

   DS: Ober-D'Rainbow MSZ Toyland

   DD: Stag-Hollow Saharah

Penny, I loved this doe!  I kept a daughter out of her that was a great improvement in the udder department and just overall so Penny was sold to a new home.  I did love this girl, she could milk like a horse and was easy as pie to handle.

Goldenwood Blu Zoë Bird - DOB: 

1st. Gen Mini LaMancha

Sire: Camanna BJ Blue Magic

   SS: Camanna Al Blue Jericho

   SD: Mountain Quest JE Aplet Magic

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow MSZ Trinkets

   DS: *B Ober-D'Rainbow VNT Smerize

   DD: Eyebie DJ Morning Starshine

Zoe, sweet Zoe Bird, I don't have anything retained out of her due to her being a 1st Gen Mini LaMancha.  She was my baby girl and I loved her but unfortunately as she didn't fit into the breeding program anymore she had to find a new home.  She now lives in Washington with her herdmate Shorty (Goldenwood ABE Miss Shortcake).
Goldenwood ABE Miss Shortcake - DOB: 3/27/2014
Purebred LaMancha

Sire: *B Fir Meadow Val Abraham
   SS: +*B SGCH Fir Meadow Soon Valiant
   SD: SGCH Fir Meadow MI Rosine 2*M

Dam: Violet-Sky Zoey
   DS: Violet-Sky Wildfire
   DD: Violet-Sky Yesenia 1*M

Shorty is a beautiful girl but as I had her twin sister Diva I had to choose between the two.  Diva was a bit more of the style I like though both does where extremely nice.  Shorty lives in Washington along with her herd mate Zoe Bird.  Excuse the less than nice photo of her, it is the only semi setup photo I have of her as a milking yearling.

Goldenwood BSL Just In Thyme - DOB: 3/15/2012

American LaMancha

- LA - VVVV 87

Sire: *B Fir Meadow ALP Basil LA VEV 89

   SS: *B Lucky*Star's RY Alpha  LA VEV 88

   SD: Fir Meadow Zal Anise 6*M  LA VEEE 90 

Dam: Goldenwood CDC Penny Lane

   DS: Goldenwood BTN Cirque De Cule

   DD: Goldenwood TY Mizz Sadie

Thyme, gosh I loved this doe!  I sold her only because I retained two does kids out of her and I can't keep everyone.  She was a DREAM to hand milk and was very easy to handle.  She now lives at a dairy in Washington and it sounds like she is getting along great there.  I do miss her but I believe her does are an improvement upon her and I am excited to see how they continue to mature.

*B Fir Meadow Cor Coriander - DOB: 3/15/2012 

Purebred LaMancha

-LA- VEV 87

CAE/CL/Johnes negative

Sire: *B Fir Meadow Val Be Courageus

   SS: +*B SGCH Fir Meadow Soon Valiant LA 91 EEE

   SD: Fir Meadow Vec With Rejoicing 2*M

Dam: Fir Meadow ALP Blue Enzian

    DS: *B Lucky*Star's RY Alpha

    DD: SGCH Fir Meadow Val Wiese 3*M


Cori is a great buck but he was so closely related to everyone else it was time for him to move on to a new home and a new herd.  He lives now with a family in Salem and is happy with his new family, he will be missed but some of his line remains in the herd.

*B Fir Meadow Alp Basil - DOB: 3/18/2011

Purebred LaMancha

-LA- VEV 89

CAE/CL/Johnes negative

Sire: *B Lucky*Star's RY Alpha

   SS: +*B SG Rockin-CD KTL Yreka

   SD: SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M

Dam: Fir Meadow Val Anise

   DS: *B Fir Meadow Re Zalvation

   DD: GCH Fir Meadow Val Yarrow 5*M LA 91 EEEE


Basil now resides in a new herd, with me keeping a son and having many daughters out of him I couldn't use him much for breeding anymore.  I miss my big lovable boy but I know it was time to let someone else use him in their herd.

Poppy Patch CM Stuart - DOB: 5/21/2010

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

CAE/CL/Johnes negative

Sire: Poppy Patch Crazy She Calls Me

   SS: AGS ++*B Twin Creeks Rebel w/o A Cause

   SD: AGS Esperanza ZZ Charity

Dam: Poppy Patch BW Ooh La La

   DS: Poppy Patch FM Billy Whiskers

   DD: Poppy Patch Lil Miss Broadway

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