Goldenwood Farm

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Rainbow Bridge
This is where we honor the ones who are no longer with us, they live on in our hearts and in the herd.

Ober-D'Rainbow KRT Renae - DOB: 5/06/2002 - 2/13/2013

Expiramental LaMancha/Oberhasli

Sire: *B Tempo Kurt

   SS: ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man

   SD: GCH Tempo Katya 6*M

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow HDRK Pageant

   DS: ++*B Seneca Valley's Hedrick

   DD: King's-Magic TS Easter Parade 4*M

This girl started it all for Goldenwood Farm, she was the herd queen for her entire life and my right hand gal.  She was a one of a kind goat, one of those goats you never forget.  She was one of the founding does to Goldenwood Farm and I miss my best girl still to this day, 9 years was to short of time and my heart still breaks at the thought of her not being here.  We believe she had a very aggressive form of cancer and I did the best thing I could do, I let my girl go.  RIP my sweet, sweet girl, thank you for all you taught me and the beautiful legacy you left behind.  Brandy (Renae's herd name) lives on through her genetics in the herd. 

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Goldenwood VRT Twitterpaited - DOB: 2/10/2007 - 8/2/2016

Expiramental LaMancha/Oberhasli

CAE/CL/Johnes Negative

-LA- AVVA 77

Sire: *B Lucky*Star's QM Vert-Tinos

   SS: ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet LA EEE 92

   SD: Lucky*Star's QK Rosetta 2*M LA VVV+ 86

Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow KRT Renae

   DS: *B Tempo Kurt

   DD: Ober-D'Rainbow HDRK Pageant

We lost Twitter (Mya to all who knew her) to liver issues in August 2016.  She was diagnosed back in 2015 and while she rallied back from her first bout she regressed again the next Spring.  We made the decision to say goodbye to our old friend after a few months.  She won her first battle but she wasn't going to win this war, it was her time to go to Rainbow Bridge.  She is buried beneath our large oak tree in our back pasture.  She is dearly missed, she wasn't just a goat but a best friend.  Her loss will be felt acutely for years to come, she does live on in the herd through her daughter, granddaughter and two great grandkids.

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