Goldenwood Farm

Breeding ADGA registered LaManchas

Cinder at almost 9 months old (1 week shy) - 24 days bred

This was the best we could do with her not wanting to really stand still.  We used grain to entice her to stand pretty.

Goldenwood Cor Cinder Soot

American LaMancha

DOB: 3/8/15

-Young Stock Appraisal- V-EC-V with an overall Very Good

Meet Cinder Soot!  What to say about Cinder...well she is long, tall, dairy, beautiful build.  I feel she has great improvement over her dam in a lot of areas and I can't wait to see what kind of udder Cori put on her.  I think this girl will be one to watch for, she is shaping up to be a real nice doeling.  I promise to get updated setup photos of this girl!

Personality wise?  Mercy does she remind me of her momma!  Not only does she have the similar coloring and the exact same markings but this girl could be quite the carbon copy of her dam in personality.  She is sweet and affectionate, as can be seen in the photo above.  I have MANY a photo such as that, her favorite thing since she was just a newborn was to place her head in my hands just so, her dam does much the same thing.  She THRIVES on attention and affection, many times you can see me out in the baby pen with Cinder stuck SQUARE between my legs just so she doesn't miss a minute of her "Mommy" time.  She is the ring leader of her small group and quite a character.  I know I shouldn't....but this girl is probably my favorite from this years kids, she stole my heart!

She is also special because this is the LAST kid her dam will ever have.  Her dam Twitterpaited (we call her Mia) suffered severe liver issues this Spring.  It is unsure the cause behind it but in talking with my vet we determined it had to do with her having a slightly harder kidding combined with just the adjustment in hormones/chemistry after kidding.  Thankfully it seems her dam seems to have fully recovered after a few hard months, she is however retired from breeding/milking.  But that being said Cinder is special in many ways to me, being her mothers last daughter is just one of those.  Twitterpaited is now retired at only 8 and hopefully as she continues to improve she will have a good long life here as my "Nanny" and teach all my upcoming kids the ropes.

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