Goldenwood Farm

Breeding ADGA registered LaManchas

Have you been craving a big glass of FRESH raw goats milk? Here at Goldenwood Farm we sell fresh raw goats milk!  LaMancha milk is sweet and yummy, as my friend says about her gallon she just bought, "Rich, flavorful and creamy!".

We currently NOT selling milk at this time

How can we sell milk?

In the state of Oregon it is legal to sell raw milk off your farm if you have no more than 9 milking does.  You also can sell what are called Herd Shares which are used for drop points,   click HERE for more information on herd shares.  

Farm Pickup Pricing:
Gallons are $15 off the farm
Half gallons are $8 off the farm 

Drop Point Pricing:
Gallons are $16.50 at drop point
Half Gallons are $9.50 at drop point

Farm Pick Up Times:

Tuesdays - 8:30am to 9:30am
Wednesdays - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Fridays - 8:30am to 9:30am 

 If you are interested in starting up weekly or just trying some please email me at with how much you would be interested in and which pickup day.  

Where are our Drop Points:
Currently have a Sunday Drop Point in Downtown Canby - Herd Shares Only.

How is my milk packaged:
My milk comes in brand new FDA approved BPA free gallon and half gallon jugs.  I do not store milk in glass containers because I honestly don't have a way of sanitizing and storing lots of glass jars.  If you prefer storing in glass you are more than welcome transfer your milk into a glass jar once you bring it home.

Milking and handling of milk:
My does are milked with a milking machine, each udder is carefully wiped off and the first few squirts go into a strip cup.  I then hook the doe up to the milking machine where it goes into clean & sanitized glass jars.  After each set of does is milked (2 at a time) I switch jars, jars full of milk go into a ice water bath while clean jars are then ready to be filled by the next group.  Once everyone is milked, cooling milk stays in the ice water bath while I then clean up and clean and sanitize the milking machine hoses.  After that all the milk is then transferred into the house where I then strain all my milk into one large metal container (previously sanitized).  After the milk has been strained I then pour it into my gallon/half gallon jugs and store in the fridge for my customers. To make extra sure my milk handling and sanitizing practices are up to snuff I send my milk in monthly for a Standard Plate Count & Coliform Count.  This ensures my customers that I am serious about my product and their safety.  For more information on raw milk click HERE.

Uses for raw goats milk:

Well drink it of course, not only that but you can make your own cheese, fresh kefir, yummy homemade yogurt and even delicious creamy ice cream!  Raw milk is just plain good for you and as listed above there are so many things you can make with raw milk.  I have one customer who makes yogurt for herself and family, another gal makes her very own kefir using raw milk.  The list is practically endless, anything you can use cows milk to make you can use goats milk.  Goat milk is also naturally easier to digest and many people who can't tolerate cows milk find goats milk to be a wonderful solution.  Now don't judge the nasty stuff you buy at the store to be what goat milk tastes like, I can promise you that isn't anything close to how goat milk should taste.  So please don't judge all goat milk by that example.  Still have questions about raw goat milk or raw milk in general?  Please go to, their goal is to educate people on how great raw milk is for you and you family as well as helping you find local farmers (like me) to supply you with raw milk.

My Herd:
Well for starters they are spoiled (if you didn't already know that), my girls are spoiled rotten and love their snuggles after each milking. My entire herd is vaccine free and I worm using herbal wormers. During the day the everyone gets to graze on fresh pasture, they LOVE it! My milking does get a mixture of Oats, Barley and Sunflower Seeds (which are all naturally GMO free) on the milk stanchion and after milking they get GMO free Chaffhaye (Alfalfa).  I do supplement with hay as needed when the pasture doesn't grow as well.

I do make farm appointments for milk customers who would like to see my setup, meet all the girls who produce the raw milk and just get the general small tour of the farm.

If I missed any question you have please feel free to ask! You can email me at - Justine